77% of B2B consumers say they won’t even talk to a sales rep before they do their own research. Digital marketing has become the most effective tool for research.  From social media, to SEO, and website development the digital landscape is not only expanding, but it is continually adapting to customers needs. So, why are corporate executives so afraid of digital marketing? Simple, they are just afraid of the unknown. Here are 5 of our favorite reasons you need to make the jump to digital!

1. Customers are Online!

Hello, we are living in a world where over 80% of Americans own smartphones and upwards of 70% own a desktop/laptop computer. From social media to product research to online shopping, the digital landscape offers businesses (and consumers) a multitude of options to be discovered. The cumulative growth of social media alone in the past few years has seen outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all amass over a billion active monthly users. Of course, it is important to limit your target, but digital marketing provides a far broader range than traditional marketing. 

2. Cost Effective Marketing Solutions

Try to think of a traditional marketing outlet that costs less than posting a similar message to social media.  Let’s face it mail, radio, billboards and broadcast are all costly marketing strategies and much of the content shared via these outlets can be just as easily shared via social media, minus the extra costs.  Utilizing digital marketing only costs a business the time it takes to put together its message, whereas traditional exposure techniques can become time consuming and costly very quickly.

3. Easily Target a Unique Market with Digital

The unique layout of the ever-changing digital landscape makes it so easy to reach ideal customers. Different social media sites make it possible to reach out to a multitude of demographic groups. With the right training digital marketers will be able to understand how important budgeting, content, and context can become, ultimately leading to platform growth and usage increases.  

4. Digital Marketing can be Measured

Another bonus to rapidly improving technology is the ability to track and analyze effectiveness of marketing tactics. Digital marketing analytics can track social media campaigns, website traffic scores, and SEO. These analytics can then be used to redirect digital strategy, all within the reach of a couple of clicks! 

5. Adaptability in Strategy and Platform

In an ever-changing world, it is important to be able to adapt as a business. In digital marketing, businesses have more flexibility in when and what they can post. This gives businesses a unique opportunity to adapt marketing campaigns while in the middle of them. The analytics offered by digital should be used as a guide for how, what, when, and where to post the piece of content that will most directly resonate with each business’ ideal customer. 

Why is your business adopting digital? Digital marketing leaves marketing experts with ample opportunity. Understanding the 5 why’s of digital marketing not only gives insight into why digital marketing must be adopted, but it also leads into how it can be utilized. So go ahead, get started, seize that opportunity!



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