There is no denying the importance of being online in our ever-increasing digital society. For many digital marketing isn’t a matter of if, but rather how to do it. So, what do our digital marketing trainers recommend as the best practices of digital marketing? Here are 5 of our favorites at The C-Suite Edge!

Content is king

With such a large array of platforms to post content on, it is easy to get ahead of ourselves and post willy-nilly.  To successfully utilize the tool that digital marketing is, it is important to capture attention.  In our digital marketing training we teach fresh, interactive, and original content creation. We believe digital content should make customers excited about your product or service.

Context is God

If content is king, context is God. Context is so important because content is nothing if the context of it is incorrect. Context instructs channel placement, messaging, audience, and other customer cycles.  Content grabs attention, context preserves it.  

Tell your story

From corporate executive to freelance entrepreneur, everyone has heard this one. Telling your story will differentiate your business from those similar to your own. Digital marketing is the perfect place to show customers what makes your business so special.  Whether it’s a unique post to Instagram, an interesting blog (like this one), or a short video, digital offers endless ways to uniquely tell your business’s story. Every company should be trained in how to effectively tell their story.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is important for many reasons.  It’s important to share a consistent message with customers, so they are not confused with what you are offering them.  There is nothing wrong with sticking to a core message, in fact in digital marketing we are trained that consistent messaging is a great way to help consumers connect with your brand. Consistent digital marketing also keeps your brand relevant in the mind of customers. For example, content calendars are a great way to maintain consistency in digital marketing!

Evolve and Adapt

The market is always changing, so must we. That is the whole point of the C-Suite Edge! We strive to make digital marketing training easy for busy corporate executives.  Adapting can look as simple as adjusting to social media trends (think Tik Tok) or as complex as rewriting online strategy. Luckily, evolving to the market is something all businesses with at least some online presence can easily observe and adopt.

Where is your business on digital? Does your business need digital training or are you personally looking for a quick refresher? Either way here at The C Suite Edge, we are combining years of C-suite and Marketing leadership experience with the latest insights and skills of a Digital expert to bring unique, customized Digital Marketing mastery to the marketing executive. Our five-course series is best suited to the needs of any Retail senior marketer that is tasked with leading a Digital Marketing team in the ever-changing Digital landscape.


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